Melissa Bridges


Before CrossFit, Melissa was working out in a globo-gym with meatheads and people who didn’t know how to put away their weights. Although fit, she was always looking for new routines so she didn’t get bored.  Melissa had done some crossfit wods here and there, but it wasn’t until 2015 that she started reading more about crossfit and wanted to get involved. With perfect timing from the crossfit gods, my sign of doing crossfit came when I saw that piece of paper taped to the wall in the PAC with information about CrossFit Pentagon classes. After that, what really got her serious about crossfit was the 2016 CrossFit games. The dedication and sacrifice those athletes put in to become fittest on earth amazed her.  Melissa has now been crossfitting for about 2 years and in June 2017, she  got her CF-L1 and started to train like a coach.  With a better understanding of the sport, she now hopes to gain new experience in coaching, and to help people become better then they are now. Melissa’s coaching philosophy is that you should always learn and grow, and she looks forward to teaching that in the gym.