Athlete in the Spotlight – Adam Outlaw

Adam Outlaw

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OUTLAW! Is it an adjective or is it a callsign? Neither, it’s the last name of a CFP superstar.  Adam Outlaw, a native of Alabama and a former Div 2 tennis player, has transformed into a Crossfitaholic at CFP since 2015 and is being acknowledged by the entire coaching staff as November’s Athlete in the Spotlight.  Adam will tell you that the genesis of his path to Crossfit, like so many other crossfiters, started with a friend talking about WODs and taking Adam to his box on a “Bring-A-Friend” day.  He’s been hooked ever since.  Adam’s favorite WODs are AMRAP metcons that include Double Unders, Hang Power Lifts, Kettle Bells swing and Rowing. (imagine that…Adam likes WODs with a row in them.)  Goals? Oh yeah, Outlaw has some goals and they look like this: DL: 405#, Back Squat 300#, Bar Muscle Up, Strict HSPU, 20 Strict Pullups, and 50 Unbroken Pushups.

Well, teammate, you’re in the right place to achieve those goals. Your fellow CFP athletes and coaches are ALL IN and we’ll push past those goals together.