Athlete in the Spotlight – Ike Harris

Ike Harris

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Ike Harris has become not just a regular amongst our CFP athletes but also a force to contend with…constantly improving and consistently pushing all of CFP athletes to excel.

Ike credits the movie “300” with peaking his interest to begin furthering his fitness goals. Little did he know that simply reading an article describing the work put in by the “300” actors would set him down his current CrossFit path.  In discussing with Ike about his goals, he mentioned the transition from standard weight training to CrossFit and captured his journey well, “Once you get that first handstand pushup or lift a weight that used to be out of your range, you are hooked.”

A consistent member of the CFP team, Ike says that he plans to continue along the CrossFit path after his time at the Pentagon. Ike’s favorite workouts are “The Seven”, “Cindy” and other body weight WODs.

The coaches agree that Ike’s work ethic and motivation will serve to push him to the next level.  A unanimous choice amongst the CFP coaches for athlete of the month, we have each enjoyed coaching and learning from Ike.

Congrats, IKE!!!!!